Hyderabad police organises awareness campaign to educate children about child abuse

Updated:8 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Hyderabad, May 13 (ANI): To educate children about child abuse, Hyderabad police organised an awareness campaign named, Mohalla Cricket Programme. Through the campaign, the police are explaining children to know the difference between good touch and bad touch. Not only this, but they are also educating children about whom to approach when such incidence occurs. Informing about the move Sultan Bazar, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) M Chetna said, “We’ve noticed that POCSO cases are increasing these days so we thought to organise a campaign to educate the children of all age groups”. She further added, “We’ve also told them that if anything happens to them they can speak up and bring the incident into the notice of parents and can dial police helpline number 100”. The aim of this campaign is not just to educate children so that these incidents don’t occur.

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