Indian wedding industry struggles with bleak future due to COVID-19

Updated:2 months ago

New Delhi, Sep 29 (ANI): The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the Indian economy and left several industries including the wedding sector without business. The businesses involved in weddings have been badly hit by COVID and the entire industry stood standstill during the lockdown. Even as the wedding season approaches, the industry remains in dull phase. Rajiv, director of an event company Rashi Entertainment Pvt Ltd, said, "Due to coronavirus pandemic, over one crore people associated with the industry directly or indirectly are unemployed. Estimated 30 lakh jobs are at stake where people have been asked to go. My agency has reduced staff size to 50%. We are in confused state. The guidelines have been prepared by the industry association and we are ready to organise events safely.” Currently, keeping COVID in view, the govt has allowed only 100 people in wedding ceremonies.

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