Infiltrators are vote banks of Opposition parties: Amit Shah

Updated:3 weeks, 5 days ago IST

Devanahalli (Karnataka), Feb 21 (ANI): Addressing a rally in Karnataka’s Devanahalli, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah slammed the opposition parties and said that infiltrators are their vote banks and that is why they’re against BJP’s National Register of Citizens (NRC). Stating that the Modi led- government has made sure about the security of the country, Shah said, “When the Congress was in power, from1970 infiltrators has been entering the country and there was no one to stop them. But after BJP’s Narendra Modi became the prime minister we brought NRC. Now, NRC is just implemented in Assam within which the beginning of deporting 40 lakhs infiltrators from Assam has started. But, Congress, JD(S), DMK, Mamata Banerjee and others say that infiltrators shouldn’t be thrown out because the infiltrators are their vote banks but the BJP doesn’t see vote banks in the infiltrators but we see danger in them. And, if you choose Modi government this time, I assure that within five years we will throw out each and every infiltrator from every corner of the country.”

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