Inspired by Marvel’s ‘Venom’, women bikers ride on Mumbai roads

Updated:4 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Mumbai, Oct 01 (ANI): An all-women bikers group held a bike rally in Mumbai to promote upcoming superhero film ‘Venom’. With a slogan of “We are not pillion riders, #WeAreVenom”, the women bikers rode on the roads of entertainment capital Mumbai, donning ‘Venom’ masks and t-shirts and waving movie banners. ‘Venom’ is an American anti-hero film, based on a Marvel Comics’ enigmatic and formidable character of the same name. Eddie Brock, an honest journalist, encounters an alien parasite entity, Symbiote and gets superpowers. The story is about Brock’s constant struggle to hold off against the Symbiote. ‘Venom’ is scheduled to start rolling out in worldwide theaters on October 3. It will hit theatres in India on October 5.

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