Judge, who gave verdict in Fodder scam, seeks justice in freeing his ancestral land

Updated:10 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Jalaun (Uttar Pradesh), Jan 08 (ANI): CBI judge Shivpal Singh, who gave verdict in the fodder scam case, is seeking justice as former village head has forcefully grabbed his ancestral land in Jalaun by digging a common path on it. Singh is now running from pillar to post for justice. After he received the information, he complained to the Tehsildar but the authorities did not pay any heed to his complaint. Singh’s brother Surendra Pal Singh said his brother’s land comes under 15 and 17 number and the chakmarg, made by the former head was to be made on land number 13. He also informed that Shivpal was the transferable owner of his ancestral land.

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