‘Let us earn some money’, say Nashik farmers on onion price hike

Updated:3 months ago

Nashik (Maharashtra), Oct 24 (ANI): Several farmers in Maharashtra’s Nashik are unhappy with the government’s decision of imposing stock limit to check rise in onion prices. “Why didn’t government take any action when we sell onion at 5 rupees per kilogram?” asked a farmer, amid the rising price of onions in the country. “Onion merchant may stock some production due to problem of transportation, but at the end they will sell it in market anyway, within some days. Farmers don’t often get onions at this price like 80, 90 or 100 rupees per kilogram, let us earn some money we don’t have any other income,” said another farmer. “This is a wrong decision, I have stored 300 quintal onions from last 6 months, now I am left only 30-40 quintal, i am just getting 2 rupees per kilogram for it,” said farmer and onion merchant. From the 2nd week of September, there's been a steady increase in the relatively stable prices. On October 23, government has taken some steps to counter it. According to centrla govt, this is the first time when they have created a buffer stock of 1 lakh metric tonnes of onions to take care of rising price by the calibrated release of that stock. The retail price of onion in most parts of the city crossed Rs70 per kilogram. Farmers said it is the result of the heavy crop damage that they have suffered due to rainfall this year.

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