Man arranges valley for over 100 peafowl to fulfill grandfather’s dream in Cuttack

Updated:5 months ago IST

Cuttack (Odisha), Sep 16 (ANI): In an effort to fulfill his deceased grandfather’s wish, a man in Odisha’s Cuttack district, Kanhucharan Beheram, has made a friendly home in a valley for over 100 peafowl by feeding them on a regular basis. He mostly feeds the peacocks with rice grains, wheat grains or cooked rice. However, there are not just peacocks and peahens in this valley, there are mongoose, pigeons, doves, and a lot of other birds and animals. It is like Kanhucharan’s own loving sanctuary for birds. After his grandfather's death Kanhucharan took over the responsibility. The place came to be known as ‘Peacock Valley’ and has become quite popular among the people.

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