Mumbai cop’s eye-catching ‘Dabangg Ganesha idol’ attracts masses Mumbai

Updated:3 months ago IST

Mumbai, Sep 18 (ANI): Dressed in khaki police attire and seated in a police officer’s chair, one of a kind Ganesha idol has been recalling the memory of Salman Khan starrer ‘Dabangg’. Rajendra Kane, who is currently inspector at Mumbai’s Vile Parle police station, brought home this one of a kind Ganpati idol which is catching the eye of the people. According to Kane, he brought the Ganesha idol to create awareness among the public regarding various crimes and other information so that people don't fall prey to criminals. The inspector has also produced 150 short films to raise citizens' awareness of crimes, some of which have even been shown at cinema halls in the city. Ganesh Chaturthi is the most popular festival across Maharashtra. It marks birthday celebration of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh Chaturthi commenced on September 13 and goes on for 11 days.

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