Mumbaikars hail plastic ban in state

Updated:5 months ago IST

Mumbai, Jun 23 (ANI): After the Maharashtra government imposed a complete ban on plastic carry bags and thermocol cutlery, residents hailed government’s decision and supported it by stopping plastic use. One of the residents said, "I agree with the decision. I am happy that plastic has been banned. Due to this decision people would have to face fewer problems during rainy season. We have stopped using plastic in shops and at homes." The ban has affected the shopkeepers as well; however they have also extended their support. A shopkeeper said, "We have stopped using plastics in all ways. We are happy with this. However the fine is too much and no one wants to give such huge fine." People have however criticised the fine included in the ban. Maharashtra has become 18th state of the country to impose such ban. In case of violation, the manufacturers and users will have to pay fine of Rs 5,000.

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