Muslim artisans busy in Durga Puja preparations in Cuttack

Updated:3 months ago IST

Cuttack (Odisha), Oct 15 (ANI): The Hindu festival Durga Puja is round the corner and the members of various Puja committees are onfoot to place orders for exquisite decorations of Puja pandals. At the same time Muslim artisans in the Banka and Choudhary Bazaar of Cuttack in Odisha are expeditiously making tableaus with intricate filigree just for their Hindu brothers, thus displaying a beautiful example of camaraderie. Known for its filigree work across the world, the silver city of Cuttack is all geared up to produce the best during Durga Puja. For generations Banka Bazaar of Cuttack city has remained a cynosure for shoppers and filigree connoisseurs, who do not shy loosening pockets when it comes to ornamentation during Durga festival. Equipped with ingrained dexterity from lineage of ‘zari’ workers, the Muslim artisans dutifully design crowns and earrings for the idol of Hindu goddess Durga. Puja committees have swarmed the famous bazaar to place orders for gold and silver tableaus. Delivering on high expectations from their many customers, these Muslim workers take pride in toiling through the night to produce some amazing filigree work for their Hindu brothers.

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