Muslim group in Uttar Pradesh providing foot massage to Kanwariyas

Updated:4 months, 4 weeks ago IST

Muzaffarnagar (UP), Aug 20 (ANI): Kanwar Yatra is one of the most popular festivals celebrated across the northern and central belt of India. No less than a walking marathon, lakhs of devotees hit the highways shouldering a Kanwar, a single pole with two equally weighing containers fastened on either ends. They travel hundreds of kilometres to reach the banks of pious river Ganga only to fetch the holy water. During their arduous journey on feet, locals arrange food and make provisions for the devotees to rest. Although it is a Hindu festival, people from different religions come forward to make little contribution towards a successful completion of Kanwar Yatra. For last 30 years, a group of Muslims have been organising camps in Muzzafarnagar city of Uttar Pradesh for Kanwar bearers who stop by at these camps and re-energise themselves for the return leg of their journey. Along with pain relieving foot message, Kanwariyas are facilitated with retiring space and meals for the day. Practicing myriad religions, following diverse ethics and languages, the citizens of India behold a unique bond of understanding and respect for each other. This mutual camaraderie among the religions exudes more during the multi-cultural festivals celebrated all across the nation.

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