Nation soaks in Janmashtami celebrations

Updated:3 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Moradabad/Mathura/Mumbai/Bhubaneswar/Gorakhpur, Sep 03 (ANI): Soaked in religious fervour and festive spirit, thousands of devotees thronged in various temples across the nation on the occasion of Janmashtami to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Temples across nation were decorated on the occasion. In Bhubaneswar, devotees thronged ISKON temple and sang devotional songs. A three-day programme is being observed in the temple. In Gorakhpur, children were dressed as Lord Krishna apart from other characters from the story of Krishna. Gorakhnath temple was decorated on the occasion. Mumbai’s ISKON temple was decorated on the occasion of Janmashtami. The temple’s priest said, “We have a three-day festival here. Festivities in the temple have begun. Darshan is open from 5 am in the morning till 1 am at night. We will celebrate ‘Nandotsav’ festival. We hope the Lord showers his mercy on his devotees.” In Moradabad children were dressed as Lord Krishna and performed ‘Krishna-leela’.

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