Naxalites compounding woes of tribals

Updated:4 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Latehar (Jharkhand), Jul 21 (ANI): The Sarendag village of Latehar district of Jharkhand has been going through a tough time a few years back Naxalites demolished the only health center available to the tribal villagers. This demonic act by Naxals affected more than 5,000 tribals who only had this hospital in the name of the medical facility. Now they have to travel about 15 to 35 kilometers to get treatment even for minor health issues. With such inhuman acts, Naxalites are neither letting the tribals avail government facilities neither they are providing them with any. By creating hindrances in the path of development and by keeping tribals away from all the facilities, Naxalites, whose influence has shrunken drastically, are just trying to revive their control over the region.

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