Naxals continue to create roadblocks in Jharkhand development projects

Updated:4 weeks, 1 day ago IST

Latehar (Jharkhand), Nov 17 (ANI): Naxal cadres in Jharkhand have been creating a number of problems in various development projects in Lathehar district. The Naxals, who claim to be the flag-bearer of tribal people, have once again started to create trouble and not allow them to get on to the path to a better life. The construction of proper roads and bridges were stopped violently by Naxals as they attacked construction workers and their bosses. They also burnt vehicles and machines which were being used for construction. They have even demanded a huge lump sum of money from the contractor, which he refused. As a result, he was mercilessly beaten up. The tribal areas which are far from the modern world will only be connected when there are proper road facilities, but the Naxals feel a sense of insecurity.They feel if the tribal’s get connected with the modern world, then there would be no buyers for their evil and malicious ideology. This is the reason why Naxals tend to create roadblocks in development process.

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