Naxals obstruct construction of bridge in Jharkhand

Updated:3 weeks, 3 days ago IST

Palamu (Jharkhand), Nov17 (ANI): The problems of tribals living in Sagardinwa village of Jharkhand’s Palamu district seem to be unending due to Naxalite obstruction in the area.The tribals here are in dire need of the bridge but Naxals have been preventing its construction for a long time. In 2010, the foundation stone of a bridge was laid which was to be constructed over Sagardinwa River. But as soon as the Naxals came to know about it, they started demanding levy from the constructor and even threatened to kill if he did not comply with their demands.Due to this Naxal mayhem, the construction of the bridge was never completed, forcing tribals to cross the river on foot whilst risking their lives. Naxalites who portray themselves as the caretakers of tribals in reality never want development because if they will be developed, then their existence will come in danger. Tribals are like soft target for them and they have been using them as shield for years. Their main agenda is to keep the tribals marginalised and do not let them get acquainted with the outside world as any development will be another setback to these rebels who are anyway losing their traction amongst gullible tribals.

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