Need to leverage technology for new business models for media: Lakshika Joshi

Updated:3 weeks, 5 days ago IST

New Delhi, Nov 16 (ANI): The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) APAC Conference 2018 was held in New Delhi on Tuesday to cover aspects related to copyrights for media and entertainment industry and impact of 2012 amendments on licensing scenarios. Panelist in the Conference, renowned legal professional Lakshika Joshi on technology advancement and disruption in media said, “We are focusing too much on consumption and media more than technology, technology is format agnostic and the modern technology has been seamlessly integrated into media”. “We should not look technology at a traditional manner and we need new models to leverage the advancement on a business perspective”, she added. The session was moderated by Sanjay Mehra, Head of Multimedia and Partnerships of Asian News International (ANI).

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