Need more land for Ram Mandir ‘township’ to attract tourists: Architect Chandrakant Sompura

Updated:3 weeks ago IST

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Nov 17 (ANI): On Nov 09, SC gave verdict on Ayodhya case and pronounced to make Ram Temple. Architect Chandrakant Sompura made design for the Ram Temple. While speaking to ANI, architect Chandrakant Sompura said, "For only Ram Mandir, we need 270 feet ×142 feet land. But for the whole township, we need more land. To attract the people and foreigners, it should be made like a big township. Right now, in the project we have hall for food, Pujari quarters’, Bhogshala, place for people to stay. And, to attract people it should also have hospital, hotels.” When asked if new committee asks him to bring some change in designs, Sompura said, "If new committee says to bring some changes in the design then it will be changed only if it is in accordance with the 'shastra'. If it's not according to shashtra, we will not change the design and even we might leave the project as well."

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