Nirmal Panchayati Akhara sets up de-addiction camp at Kumbh Mela

Updated:3 weeks, 6 days ago IST

Prayagraj (UP), Jan 20 (ANI): Kumbh Mela 2019 is seeing improved measures in place to ensure pilgrims don’t face any inconvenience, and a de-addiction camp by Nirmal Panchayati Akhara at the Mela has popped up. The objective of the medical facility is to provide medicines to devotees and importantly keep the spirit of Prayagraj – erasing impurity, addiction or any substance abuse. “Prayagraj is named after purity and sanity of this place. So, this Akhada is based on that only. There is no addication, chillam or anything like that… we invite patients. They come and talk to us about abuses and everything they are experiencing. So, we guide them and council them,” said Dr. Divija Arora, who is overseeing the patients at the camp.

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