Once devastated by naxal violence, Jharkhand village resurges to prosperity

Updated:3 months, 1 week ago IST

Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Oct 13 (ANI): This is Barunia village in Jamshedpur district of Jharkhand. Here, the tribals are extensively engaged in the lemon cultivation and the lemon produce has been their principal source of income of late. Once known as the Naxal-stronghold, the region is breading peaceful lives now after a successful operation carried out by the security forces, a few years back. Although adivasis still fear a naxal return but the warmongers seem to have been eliminated in the region. Even the villagers who were then compelled to flee from their homes owing to a growing violent atmosphere have returned to lead a life of peace. Adivasis say that their life has improved significantly after the culmination of the naxal-era and now they want government to assist them in making their lives better. Naxals have left no stone unturned in augmenting the troubles of adivasis, who for years were reeling under abject poverty. However, today the same tribals have identified their real enemy and are unfazed by any outreaching overtures of naxals. Unperturbed by any developments in naxal camps around the country, these tribals are striving to make their lives better and build a secure future for their upcoming generations.

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