OTT platforms unsure about copyright law to comply with: Monika Datta

Updated:4 weeks, 1 day ago IST

New Delhi, Nov 16 (ANI): The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) APAC Conference 2018 was held in New Delhi on Tuesday to cover aspects related to copyrights for media and entertainment industry and impact of 2012 amendments on licensing scenarios. The theme of the discussion also took note of technology and its direct impact on changing entertainment formats, consumption patterns. During the conference, Monika Datta, Partner of Saikrishna & Associates talked about new age OTT platforms taking over media space globally. During the conference she said, “All media platforms are aware about copyright laws to follow, however, Over-The-Top Media (OTT) is not clear about which laws to follow and they look up to Indian Penal Code”. “However, Apart from Netflix and Amazon, Indian OTT platforms like Viacom, Hotstar entering OTT are suffering from ‘hangover of laws’, as these players know that comedy shows in the platforms need some outspoken attitude, but they are confused about the content they should put in the their OTT platform”, she added. She went on saying that OTT players are ‘new mafias in town’ and there are oldies who deal with them. The session was moderated by Sanjay Mehra, Head of Multimedia and Partnerships of Asian News International (ANI).

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