Pakistani Lawyers protest against Pak military and Govt.

Updated:1 month ago IST

New Delhi, June 18: Pakistan’s leading lawyers association came out in protest in Karachi and Lahore against Pakistan military and the government recently. The protests came in wake of government’s misconduct case filed against senior judges including Supreme court Justice, Qazi Faez Isa who had been critical of the Pakistan’s powerful military establishment for their role in an anti-government protest in 2017. In a landmark ruling on February 6, Faez Isa had directed the Intelligence Services and military’s media office to operate within their legal mandate but in contention to the ruling, Pakistan’s newly formed government with support of military charged the reputed Supreme court Judge for an alleged misconduct. The government’s legal action against Faez Isa drew strong reactions from the lawyers who believe that Pakistan government’s case against the reputed judge amounts to character assassination and undermines the institution of Judiciary in the country. Furious at Pakistan’s military and the government, the top lawyers held mass protests across the courts in Lahore and Karachi resisting the government’s case against the senior Judges.

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