People celebrates Pongal with joy and fervour

Updated:10 months, 1 week ago IST

Hubli (Karnataka), Jan 15 (ANI): People across the southern state celebrated one of the most popular South Indian festivals, Pongal with zeal. Pongal, which literally means "spilling over", has started on Sunday. During the four-day festivity, the people thank mother nature for plentiful harvest. Families and friends are invited over meals and new clothes are exchanged. People got up early, put on new clothes and went to temples. On first day the Pongal festival is dedicated to worship of Lord Indra. The first day is dedicated to domestic activity. On the second day, people thank the Sun for the harvest, the Pongal pot is placed in the sun to signify the gratitude towards Sun. On the third day, prayers are offered to farm animals, especially cows and bulls. The cattle are also given a day of rest as a mark of gratitude. Fourth day is the grand finale when people would feast and flock to beaches and river banks.

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