People cutting across religious barriers attend the Urs of a saint in Rajouri

Updated:1 month ago IST

Rajouri (J&K), Sep 16 (ANI): The picturesque district of Rajouri reverberated with the verses of holy Quran as it commemorated the urs of the revered Sufi saint, Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah. Cutting across religious lines, devotees offered their special prayers to the saint at his Shrine, Shahadra Sharief, which was built in 19th century by the Hindu Ruler, Maharaja Gulab Singh as a mark of gratitude towards the saint. Devotees took part in salutations, supplications, sermons and night long prayers where Sufi Scholars and Imams threw light on the life, religious service, teachings and spiritual strength of the saint who devoted his entire life to serve humanity.

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