People from Kashmir feel safer in HP’s Shimla than back home

Updated:4 weeks ago IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Feb 19 (ANI): While the country reports several incidents of violence against Kashmiri youth in different parts of the country, the people from Kashmiri community are untouched with such incidents in Shimla and they feel safe. These Kashmiri folk are working and running business units here for many years and they feel safer here as compared to their home town in Kashmir. One of the local provisional store owners in Shimla said that he belongs to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and has been running store for over 25 years now. Kashmiri people living in Shimla and they are successfully running business units for over three decade are happy with the people from all social and religious community. They take Shimla as first home as they are away from home for over decades now. Another Kashmiri who has been living in Shimla for 30 years and runs a canteen said that he doesn’t feel safe back home and is safer in Shimla. He said he loves the people of Shimla and live in a cordial relation with them. Local residents here are happy living with them in brotherhood and cordial and feel like family.

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