People throng to ice skating rink in Shimla to celebrate annual carnival day

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Dec 28 (ANI): The Ice skating rink of north Indian hill town Shimla witnessed the skating with torch light display on carnival day night on December 27. This is the unique semi-natural ice-skating rink in south -East Asia which is being run here since 1920. Over five trained skaters of the Shimla ice skating rink displayed the skating with the torch holding on the hands. 100 other members also showcased this mesmerising skating display with torchlight. Apart from torchlight skating display, many other events like figure skating, fancy dress, couple dance and race were also organised by the skaters. This display was performed after all the lights of the rink were switched off and every skater held lighting sticks with fire in their hands. The organisers felt happy that they were able to revive the nearly century old tradition. The young students felt elated to be the part of this carnival. During winters this rink provides Ice-skating, figure skating and ice hockey games here. It is also an important centre for tourist attraction. Ice-skating club has been an attraction for locals and visitors for decades here.

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