Piyush Goyal urges Coal India to meet production targets at its Foundation Day

Updated:2 months, 2 weeks ago IST

Kolkata (West Bengal), Nov 02 (ANI) Union Railways and Coal Minister, Piyush Goyal attended the 44th Foundation Day of Coal India Limited (CIL) in Kolkata. The Union Minister expressed that they is experiencing "stress" over the adequate supply of coal and urged the CIL employees to meet the demand effectively. Addressing the CIL heads and staff, Goyal said, "We have huge challenges ahead of us to meet the demand for the vital product, particularly when the economic growth is rapid and the demand for coal is increasing at a fast pace." He also added, "Even, today we are growing by at about 10 percent and my fear is that the rate of growth is not good enough. Very soon, we may slip to a single-digit growth unless all of us collectively decide that we will not let that happen."

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