Plastic Wastes, rain create hazards on National Highway in Shimla

Updated:6 months ago IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Jun 10 (ANI): The plastics and domestic waste which got collected due to flooded rainwater is resulting in environment hazards and are also blocking roads and national highway. The waste on the flooded drains and roads is not only creating hazards to the local environment but also creating troubles to the commuters on National Highway 5 in the suburbs of Shimla. Locals say, 'This waste blocks roads, gets into farmlands and damages crops. It also enters water bodies, contaminates them and spreads diseases'. National Highway authority said, "Due to rain, waste keeps piling up. We're clearing this with help of machines and also manually. We're facing difficulty as people keep littering roads and drains. We appeal to them to cooperate with us. There's ban on plastic but people still use it for packaging".

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