Poet-diplomat Abhay K.’s poems come alive at ‘Theatre Poetry Reading’

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

Chennai (India), Feb 05 (ANI): Prakriti foundation recently commemorated its 25 Anniversary of ‘Theatre Poetry Reading’ at Teynamet, Chennai in collaboration with Abhay K, fashion Raw Mango and Theatre Nisha.A selection of poems from Abhay K's most recent three poetry collections were performed during this event.Famous theatre performers V Balakrishnan, the creator of Theater Nisha, Meera Sitharaman, and Shakthi Ramani delivered letters from Latin America, stray poems, and monsoon. Blending three art forms of poetry, theatre and music, the event offered a unique experience to the residents of Chennai.Abhay K felt it "surreal" to witness his writings given a dramatic touch by the artists with soulful music.The poet thanked Prakriti Foundation and the artists for bringing his poems to life and giving them a new dimension.

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