Principal allegedly asked transgender teacher about her genitals during job interview

Updated:5 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Kolkata (West Bengal), Jun 19 (ANI): Transgender Suchitra Dey, who holds double Masters Degree in the subjects of Geography and English along with a B.Ed degree, was still considered unqualified to be a teacher of a private school in Kolkata, because of her sex. In 2017, she changed her sex. At recent job interview a male Principal instead of asking her about her qualifications inquired if she can produce milk naturally, bear a child after her sex change operation. During an interaction with ANI, Suchitra shared, “They are not ready to give a job, and they are just denying that. They are just interested in our sex. When I went for the interview they weren’t bothered about my qualifications, teaching experience or anything, they were just bothered about my sex, my genitals, if a male person can have intercourse with me, these kinds of questions. I was humiliated.”

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