To quench their thirst, locals dig up earth to avail ground water

Updated:6 months, 4 weeks ago IST

Thane (Maharashtra), May 20 (ANI): The villagers of Bhiwandi are digging up ground to collect ground water for the basic needs as severe water crisis continues to haunt the people. Locals are at a wit’s end and are out of options to come up with a way to procure water for their needs. Extreme temperatures across the country have added to the people's plight. Water crisis is not a new phenomenon in Maharashtra during summer. Various Bollywood celebrities have campaigned on the matter and donated money in villages too. “We have to walk four to five kilometers to get water. But there is no water to be found. And even after digging we do not find any. The chances of finding water are very rare. We are now digging here because water is available here,” said a lady who came to fetch water.

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