Requested PM to have high-level inquiry: General VK Singh on UPA attempt for Army coup in 2012

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

New Delhi, Feb 07 (ANI): While talking to ANI on the reports that top leaders of UPA wanted Army coup attempt in 2012, ex Army Chief and Minister of States for External Affairs General VK Singh said, “I’d said very clearly that Indian Army can never think of anything of this sort. Despite this, there were some went to town tom-tomming that such a thing has happened”. He further added, “The then Defence Minister had issued a statement that such a thing never happened. At that time, I’d complained to Ministry of Home Affairs that it needs to be investigated as it is treason. It wasn’t investigated then. I’ve requested PM to have a high-level inquiry on this. I’ve nothing to hide”.

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