Rohan Philem from Manipur embarks on a journey to propagate pollution free India

Updated:2 months, 1 week ago IST

New Delhi, Dec 08 (ANI): Pollution is the single largest environmental health risk across the world causing millions of premature deaths. With a spike in the pollutants in the atmosphere and increased numbers of vehicles, many people are now raising environmental concerns.One such example is of a 23-year-old Rohan Philem Singh, a Northeast cyclist from Manipur who is on a mission to make India better. With an aim to educate and raise awareness about the growing menace of pollution, Rohan recently traversed through 12 states in 35 days. Rohan covered a distance of 3500 kms in his solo expedition from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh to northeastern Manipur. Rohan, who is pursuing his masters in English from a private university in Noida, is increasingly worried about the deteriorating air quality of the city. He says that it was his illness triggered by the toxic smog in the capital that motivated him to embark on a solo journey.

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