Sale of fire pots increases due to severe cold in Poonch

Updated:1 month, 3 weeks ago IST

Poonch (Jammu and Kashmir), Dec 25 (ANI): Due to decrease in temperatures in the Valley, the Poonch sector is seeing increase in the sale of fire pots. The frosty winters in Kashmir have forced people to install fire places in their homes, for comfort and warmth. During such a glacial weather, availability of fire pots is a blessing in disguise. The temperature range in Poonch district is 15 degrees Celsius to -1 degrees Celsius. Speaking to ANI, a local said “Using Kangri (fire pots) is part of the Kashmiri tradition, and people of all age groups use it. It is a lifeline for Kashmiris. The price range lies between Rs.100 to Rs. 1500 per fire pot. We also export these fire pots elsewhere. We request the government to open the Mughal Road 12 months a year, in order to give a boost to our business.” The locals went on to call this arctic weather “Shiddat Ki Sardi” which usually stretches from December to February.

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