Sam Pitroda needs to understand Pulwama was the last stroke: Tom Vadakkan

Updated:1 month ago IST

New Delhi, Mar 22 (ANI): Speaking on Overseas Indian National Congress’ chairman Sam Pitroda’s comment on Balakot air strike, Tom Vadakkan who recently joined BJP, said, “Sam Pitroda has a different view of what India is, he has a view which is contradictory to the national narrative. The point is Pitroda need to understand that Pulwama was the last stroke and we have suffered enough, brave hearts have died. It was time we return the compliment to Pakistan in our terms and that’s what we did. It was the UPA government that presented evidences to the world, to the United Nations, to Pakistan establishing a direct link between Pakistan and 26/11 attack. Today, Pitroda has a memory loss, he doesn’t realize it was the UPA government that did what it did. And today, we have a government which has a nerve to set things right, retaliate and give them a fitting reply and they have attacked only the places that are infested with terrorists. What’s wrong with that Pitroda? When you have a surgical operation you don’t send photographer along, this isn’t a photo opportunity.” Pitroda, a close confidant of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi who questioned the death toll in the Balakot air strike conducted by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in Pakistan in retaliation to the Pulwama terror attack.

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