Sea-planes should be made more popular in India: Pilot John Goulet

Updated:1 year ago IST

Dharoi (Gujarat), Dec 12, (ANI): The six-seater seaplane that Prime Minister Narendra Modi boarded from Sabarmati on Tuesday in poll-bound Gujarat was flown by a Canadian national. John Goulet, the pilot of the Quest Kodiak 100 seaplane, said seaplanes ought to be more popular in India as the country has many "lakes, rivers and coastal areas". "Seaplanes are very common" in other countries, he added. On flying with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Goulet said he briefed the PM about safety measures and called him "a very good passenger". They can also make travel convenient and help promote tourism in India. He further remarked that sea-planes have been quite common in Canada, Alaska, and other parts of America and are becoming distinctly commonplace in other countries like Maldives, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

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