Shrine of Muslim saint and idol of Hindu Gods enshrined at same place in Karnataka

Updated:1 month ago IST

Shivamogga (Karnataka), Mar 18 (ANI): At one side where people are paying obeisance to Hindu Gods, on the other side the verses of holy Quran are being read. This is not the description of two holy sites but of one site with two different beliefs entering into full communion with each other. Located around 30 kilometres away from Shivmogga district in Bengaluru in the village of Hanagree, the temple of God Butrai and Chandeswari and the shrine of Hazrat Sayyid Sadath are built in the same compound and are thronged by both Hindu and Muslim devotees. It is believed that both the Gods were very close to the saint and thus their place of worship is also built in the same premise.

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