Sikh racial attack: Ravneet Singh Pal recollects his ordeal outside UK Parliament

Updated:10 months, 4 weeks ago IST

Ludhiana (Punjab), Feb 23 (ANI): When an excited Ravneet Singh Pal visited UK Parliament to discuss environmental projects, he did not expect that he would return to Ludhiana only to share a horrible experience of how a white skinned European pulled his turban and attacked him for hailing from a different community. During an exclusive chat with ANI, Ravneet shared details of his experience. A man came running towards him aggressively and tried to take off his turban. He was unable to comprehend what he was trying to convey, as the man was not speaking in English, but he was sure that he heard him call his friend and him as ‘Muslim’ and it was in a derogatory manner, Pal said. “I was not able to believe that it was racist attack. Later he shook my turban, we realised that it was a racist attack,” Ravneet Singh asserted.

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