Stickers on liquor bottle urging people to vote pulled back in MP

Updated:3 months ago IST

Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh), Oct 21 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh’s Jhabua district administration rolled back their idea of pasting stickers on a liquor bottle. They had initiated this move urging people to cast their vote in the forthcoming Assembly elections. They had earlier distributed stickers to local alcohol shopkeepers with a message to cast their vote to create awareness. The initiative was put in place under the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) plan to increase voter percentage in the elections. However, the idea was retraced within few days of its execution. “The decision was taken by the district administration under voter awareness program. But after assessing its pros and cons the idea was rolled back,” said Abhishek Tiwari, District Excise Officer, Jhabua. Madhya Pradesh will go on polls in a single phase on November 28 and counting of votes will take place on December 11.

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