As stubble burning continues, Delhi's air quality turns ‘poor’

Updated:3 months ago IST

New Delhi, Oct 18 (ANI): The air quality in Delhi remains in the poor category, owing to constant stubble burning in the neighbouring states of Punjaband Haryana. As per the latest Air Quality Index (AQI) data, the air quality of Delhi's Lodhi Road area showed levels of prominent pollutants PM 2.5 and PM 10 at 224 and 272, respectively, above normal. An AQI between 0 and 50 is considered "good", 51 and 100 "satisfactory", 101 and 200 "moderate", 201 and 300 "poor", 301 and 400 "very poor", and 401 and 500 "severe". On the other hand, farmers in Punjab are continuing to burn stubble in Ludhiana's Raul village, owing to the absence of machinery. Particles from stubble burning combine with industrial pollution, vehicle exhaust and dust to cover the region every year as winter approaches and wind speeds drop. Following the directions of the Supreme Court, the Centre approved a large sum of money for modern tools and technology to combat the problem.

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