‘Sumo kids’ from Una lose weight after Bariatric surgery

Updated:9 months ago IST

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Apr 22 (ANI): Three sisters from Una who are famous as ‘Sumo Kids’ because of their obesity have undergone bariatric surgery for weight loss. Sharing the details of the surgery, Dr. Mahendra Narwaria said," Laproscopic Sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery is a restrictive surgery which reduces the stomach pouch. In the case of Una Sumo kids Doctors at Asian Bariatrics investigated and found that Amisha and Yogita both sisters were found to be suffering from Leptin Receptor Mutation that is deficiency of satiety hormone, in which the hunger hormone of this child does not give signals that the stomach is full and they keep on eating. Post Surgery the child wouldn't crave for food and yet frequency of meal goes up as a result of which the metabolism may improve and thereby maintaining the weight and health.” 1.8 and half years old Yogita and 6 and half years old Amisha were operated by Dr. Mahendra Narwaria and his team of surgeons. Parents of the kids sought the help of doctors when the kids started putting on weight and reached a weight of 59 Kgs (Yogita) and 82 kgs (Amisha).

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