T1 killing: Every time there is a successful operation these NGOs are after my blood, says shooter Shafat Ali Khan

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago IST

Hyderabad, Nov 06 (ANI): Sharp shooter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan, father of shooter Nawab Asghar Ali Khan who shot down Tigress Avni, refuting all allegations of brutal killings of animals against him on Monday said that the NGOs are making “baseless and wild” allegations against him. Shafat Ali Khan said, “All operations conducted in my life for past 40 years have been on specific invitations and written orders from the government. So, that settles the issue that whether I have killed or not killed. It was all on orders. I have never shot even a rat in my life without an order.” Shafat Ali Khan refuting allegations against him said, “As far as allegations are concerned, there are no cases pending against me, there are no FIR against me. I challenge those who making these wild and baseless allegations against me, then come forward and prove to the world which court has convicted me, where is the conviction order, where is the FIR, which are the cases pending against me?” Shafat Ali Khan further added, “It is all absolute falsehood. I do not understand, every time there is a successful operation these NGOs are after my blood. My work is my identity.” Tigress Avni or officially known as T1, who was believed to have killed over 13 people in past two years, was shot dead by sharp shooter Nawab AsgharAli in the Borati forest in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district on November 02 as part of an operation.

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