Tamil Nadu celebrates ‘Coimbatore Vizha’, a festival of unity

Updated:1 month ago IST

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Jan 14 (ANI): A week long multi-culture event organized in Coimbatore city of Tamil Nadu had turned otherwise a placid city into a hotspot of cultural exchange and host to a number of multi-religious events. In this unique extravaganza, a multi-cultural harmony parade was also organized where over 26 cultural organizations took part. Showcasing their cultural and religious diversity, different communities carried out rallies celebrating the unity of our country. The race course road in the Coimbatore city was packed with spectators and participants who in their unique and spectacular attires danced throughout the course. Exuberating splendor of Mysore, Maharaja Yaduveer Krishnadatta graced the parade on a chariot reviving the royal history of Karnataka. Many different communities residing in Tamil Nadu for several years took it as an opportunity to embrace their ethnicity and showcase the vibrancy of Indian society. Celebrating the unification of diversities of the country, participants danced their way through the colorful parade. The festival brought myriad faiths, castes, and communities under one umbrella, where people sensed ‘oneness’ that emboldens spirit of unity among themselves.

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