Teens suffer from sleep deprivation due to excessive use of smartphones

Updated:1 year, 4 months ago IST

New Delhi, Oct 21 (ANI): We live in a world of technologies; we all know it has many downsides over the benefits. Now, a new study found that younger generations are sacrificing their sleep to spend more time on their phones and tablets. The research, led by Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology at the San Diego State University, found that adolescents today are sleeping fewer hours per night than older generation. And one obvious reason would be, trading their sleep for smartphone time. Sleep experts suggest that adolescents need maximum nine hours of sleep to be engaged and productive students. Sleeping less than seven hours is considered to be insufficient sleep. Lead researcher Twenge, along with psychologist Zlatan Krizan and graduate student Garrett Hisler--both at Iowa State University in Ames--examined data from two long-running, nationally representative, government-funded surveys of more than 360,000 teenagers. The Monitoring the Future survey asked students in the 8th, 10th and 12th grades how frequently they got at least seven hours of sleep, while the Youth Risk Behaviour Surveillance System survey asked 9th-12th-grade students how many hours of sleep they got on an average school night. The researchers found that about 40 percent of adolescents in 2015 slept less than seven hours a night, which is 58 percent more than in 1991 and 17 percent more than in 2009 after combining and analysing data from both surveys.

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