Thousands of LGBT+ supporters march in Mumbai demanding equality

Updated:1 month, 3 weeks ago IST

Mumbai, Feb 02 (ANI): Members and supporters of the LGBT+ community in Mumbai took part in a pride parade to demand equal rights for their community on Saturday. Thousands of people flooded the streets of city carrying rainbow flags, banners and placards reading ‘LGBTQ+ rights equal human rights’, ‘Trans lives matter’ among others to demand abolishment of discrimination against the sexual minorities l. A transgender, Lisa said, it was important to frame laws in order to stop discrimination and give equal rights to the LGBT community members. The Supreme Court scrapped the ban on homosexuality in September last year in a landmark judgment that activists hope will uphold the right to equality. Homosexuality is still considered taboo by many in India, and while it no longer carries the previous punishment of up to 10 years in prison, other rights like gay marriage are likely to prove elusive.

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