Tribal men in Shimla aim arrow at each other’s legs in unique festival

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago IST

Shimla (HP), Dec 09 (ANI): Villagers of Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla took part in a bow and arrow fair, where they aimed at each other’s legs and danced. The village of Jubbarhati is home to the Thoda tribe and its members were seen taking part in an archery competition as part of a festival called Nokhi Dali Ka Mela (the fair of unique stem of a tree). The unique festival sees men from the tribe take part and aim arrows at another’s feet. When the arrow hits the target, the player jumps up and down in celebration and dances to the traditional music that is played throughout the event. This festival is conducted to appease the local deity Narsingha (Lord Shiva). The tribe religiously celebrates the 200-year-old festival and encourages the youth to take part. Locals and organizers believe that such festivals will help them revive and preserve their age-old cultures, traditions and practices.

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