Tribals expose vicious designs of left-radical Naxals

Updated:7 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Midnapur (West Bengal), Apr 23 (ANI): The left- radical Naxal movement that has claimed hundreds of lives in course of achieving its foolish idea in the country has hit a setback following many of its members, leaving the gun and joining the mainstream. Many tribals, who had joined the movement at the pretext of a revolutionary ideology of overthrowing the establishment, not only have left it but denounced it vehemently after knowing the vicious ambitions of the radicals under the guise of a political ideology. Maoists, who have always called themselves to be pro-tribal and pro-poor, are actually the champions of barbarity and inhumanity. They have subjected the tribals to atrocities and have unleashed a reign of violence in Midnapur district of West Bengal. The residents here want peace and prosperity and want to get benefits of the many government schemes launched exclusively to help them lead prosperous lives. However, the enemies of the state who have been pushed on the back foot owing to multi-pronged strategy of the government have taken desperate steps now to take control of the region.

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