Triple Talaq Bill: Opposition parties in Rajya Sabha will oppose the bill, says Kharge

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

New Delhi, Dec 31 (ANI): Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge is confident that the Triple Talaq Bill set to be tabled before Rajya Sabha today will be opposed by the members of the upper house. Mallikarjun Kharge said that the Rajya Sabha members will either send the bill to joint select committee for review or withdraw it. Kharge said, “We have tried to pressurise many times in Lok Sabha for Joint Select Committee. Because in any act, be it Hindu Marriage Act or Christian Divorce Act, this civil matter have not been criminalised. This is a matter related to religion, and it is not right to interfere in this. That is why we have asked members of parliament and Rajya Sabha members to have a joint meeting and decide but they did not agree.” “Opposition parties will oppose it. Either they will ask for JSC or withdraw it,” added Kharge.

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