Two Naxals arrested in Jharkhand

Updated:3 months ago IST

Palamu (Jharkhand), Oct 13 (ANI): The Palamu District of Jharkhand has long been a hub of the Red Terror inflicted by Naxal and Maoist groups for years. In the recent past, thanks to strong government policies and vigilant tactics of the security forces, the incidents relating to the Naxal violence have gone down. In one such development, two Naxal cadres who were involved in violent activities were nabbed by the police and it is being considered as a huge success by the authorities. The nabbed Naxals were wanted in several cases. Recently, the two were involved in a scuffle with a contractor and his workers at a construction site, where the Naxals demanded a huge sum as extortion from them. When the contractor refused, he along with his workers was brutally thrashed but the perpetrators of violence failed to escape the crime scene as the police arrived just in time. The arrest has brought relief for the locals who were tired of the atrocities carried out by the Naxals in the area. The Naxals cadres who are still somehow active can feel the ground shrinking from underneath their feet. Their movements are also being closely watched and their numbers are reducing over time. The path of development in the backward tribal areas of the country will only be possible when the Naxals will completely be finished. As the security forces move in on the kill, the remaining Naxals active will be forced to surrender or face death.

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