Udhampur horticulture dept organises skill training course for jail inmates

Updated:2 months ago IST

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir) Dec 19 (ANI): In an effort to enhance self employment and decrease depression rates amongst jail inmates, the Udhampur horticulture department launched a skill training programme. The initiative is in collaboration with the jail authorities. The venue was Udhampur’s Fruit Preservation and Utilisation Centre, where over 120 jail inmates participated. It is suspected that some of the inmates are first time criminals or victims of circumstances. The course revolved around training for preservation of fruits and vegetables (under the State Capex) and aims at providing financial and emotional support to the inmates. They were trained for preparing jams, pickles, jellies, juices etc. Jail Superintendent Harish Kotwal told ANI that these efforts were aimed at motivating the jail inmates for self employment. He further added that some vocational courses were also introduced, in which jail inmates showed interest. He went on to share that such know-how was imparted so that they could earn livelihood post the jail term, and not return to crime.

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