Unique 'ice-stupa cafe' attracts tourists in Leh’s village

Updated:1 month ago IST

Leh (Jammu & Kashmir), Mar 18 (ANI): Unique Ice Café, a restaurant built inside a giant Ice Stupa in Gya Meeru village is attracting thousands of visitors including locals and tourists in the isolated village located on the Leh-Manal National Highway. Three local youth namely Jigmet Tundup, Nawang Punchok and Sonam Chosdup decided to build this unique kind of Ice Stupa in Ladakh this year. The winter snowfall in Ladakh forms natural glaciers on the higher reaches of Mountains which melt slowly during summer and melt water is use for irrigation and drinking but due to the global warming, shrinking glacier forces the people to look for an alternate ways to conserve water during winter. Manmade Ice Stupas are created by allowing water to fall on cone shaped net structures from a certain height and as the water starts freezing on the net, more water is added to increase the size of cone making the structures to look like Buddhist Stupas. Considerable height is maintained between the source of water and artificial Stupas which helps to develop enough pressure to sprinkle water from certain height on the Stupas.

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